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By-laws summary

In accordance with the Cities and Towns Act (L.R.Q. c. C-19) and the Municipal Powers Act (L.R.Q. c. C-47.1), the legislature has conferred certain powers on municipalities.

You will find herewith a summary explaining some of the by-laws in force at the Town of Stanstead. Please note that full versions of these by-laws can be found in the by-laws book, and is available for consultation at the town hall during business hours.

Residual and recyclable materials

By-law 2013-163 concerning management of solid wastes, recyclable materials and bulky waste

  • Household waste must be placed in plastic bags and inside a waterproof container with a lid or inside a roll-out bin of 360 litres.
  • Large waste items must be picked up by the Ressourcerie.
  • It is forbidden to place household waste in 360-litre blue recycling bins. Please refer to the list of accepted recyclable materials here.
  • Recyclable materials must be placed in 360-litre blue recycling bins.
  • Bins and containers must be taken out, at the earliest, the night before the pick up at 7 p.m. and taken back in, at the latest, by 9 p.m. on the day of the pick-up.
  • Hazardous household materials and construction/demolition materials must be taken to the eco-centre.
  • Contravention of this this by-law may result in a minimum fine of $100 and a maximum fine of $1,000, and up to $2,000 for a subsequent offence.

Public Safety

By-law 2020-04 concerning fire prevention  (Amending By-law 2013-161-18-01)

Since the adoption of By-law 2020-04 amending By-law 2013-161-18-01 entitled: “Règlement sur la prévention des incendies”, various changes have been made. Please take note of the following:



No permit is required if the following conditions are respected:


  • Factory-built outdoor fireplace with spark guard, having maximum dimensions of 27 cubic feet (3 ft x 3 ft x 3 ft), resting on a base of stone and not adjoining a building or where smoke may inconvenience neighbours.

Installation of the fireplace must respect the following minimal distances:

  • 5 metres (m) from a main building;
  • 5 metres (m) from an accessory building;
  • 3 metres (m) from the property line;
  • 3 metres (m) all bush or tree vegetation.




It is prohibited to light outdoors fires of brush, leaves, vegetal matter, fallen trees, branches or land cleaning without first obtaining a permit from the Régie Incendie Memphrémagog Est .





The use of domestic fireworks is authorized under the following conditions: 

  1. Users must be at least 18 years old;
  2. The area must be free of all materials or debris, in order to avoid the risk of fire;
  3. Wind speed must be less than 20 KM/H ;
  4. The area must be at least 30 metres by 30 metres and 100% clean and open;
  5. The open area where fireworks are set off must be at least 20 metres from all homes, buildings, constructions and cultivated fields.

For the purposes of this by-law, by domestic fireworks we mean those available for sale to users 18 years old and above and thus do not require a firework license under the Loi sur les explosifs (RLRQ E-22).



 It is forbidden for anyone to possess or use large-scale display fireworks with prior authorization for such use from the relevant authority regarding this bylaw, following a written request on the form that is available for such requests.



  1. All residential units with more than one storey must have at least one working smoke detector installed on each floor, in conformity with the CAN/ULC‑S531‑M « Smoke detector » standard, excluding attics and unheated crawl spaces;
  2. When the surface area of a floor exceeds 130 square metres (m2), an additional smoke detector must be installed for each section of 130 square metres (m2) or additional surface area.

A smoke detector must be installed near the sleeping areas, however, when the sleeping space is accessible by a hallway, the smoke detector must be placed in the hallway.

In a building where rooms are rented, a smoke detector must be installed in each room being rented.



The installation of all solid combustion heating devices (new or existing) such as stoves, stove-ovens and cooking stoves including hearths, fireplaces, pipes and chimneys, must be in conformity to requirements of the Code d’installation des appareils à combustibles solides et du matériel connexe CSA‑B365.



A carbon monoxide detector respecting the CAN/CGA-8.19-M (« residential carbon monoxide detectors ») standard must be installed, in conformity with the installation instructions provided by the device manufacturer, near the sleeping area.

However, when the sleeping area is accessible by a hallway, the carbon monoxide detector must be placed in the hallway, for each apartment heated by a device supplied with natural gas, propane, oil or any other similar combustible or when using any other device with similar combustion.



  1. Owners are responsible to proceed with cleaning, by a competent professional, all solid combustion installations and attached equipment at least once a year;
  2. Chimneys, pipes, ducts and accessories must be inspected to detect any dangers at least once every 12 months or following a chimney fire;
  3. Chimneys, pipes and smoke ducts must be replaced or repaired to:
  • Eliminate all structural issues or deterioration AND
  • close abandoned or unused openings that are not fire or smoke repellent.


By-law 2020-03 relating to the control and care of animals

  • No person shall keep more than four animals as pets.
  • The custodian of an animal living outside must provide a shelter to protect the animal from weather and sun.
  • The custodian of an animal may not abandon it; the person must find a new home for the animal, bring it to the SPA or have it euthanized.
  • The custodian must immediately clean up the animal’s feces.
  • Mistreatment or willfully injuring an animal is prohibited.
  • Any owner of cat or dog must obtain a license for it from the SPA de l’Estrie.
  • It is forbidden to leave a dog at large beyond the boundaries of its custodian’s land. The dog must be leashed. Dogs over 20 kg must be retained with a leash attached to a harness or halter.

Municipal By-laws

In this section, you will find the most frequently consulted By-laws.

Please note that in case of any discrepancy between these versions and the version in the book of official by-laws available at the Town Hall, the latter shall prevail at all times.

By-laws are available in French only. If you have questions about a specific by-law, please contact the Town Clerk at 819-876-7181 #102.

General By-laws
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